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10 October 2006 @ 02:14 am
this week in short

*got hit by a semi on 40e. tons of fun.
*bought a house in brentwood. alot more fun that car wrecks.
*working almost everyday. better than my dogs getting sick.
*staying up all night to write about chinese people. always a blast.
*turning 21 in 2 days. about the same as last year.
*sleeping in the same bed as mommy. comforting.

i also bought a $80 painting of audrey. it/she may just give me a few more reasons to wake up in the morning.
06 October 2006 @ 04:18 am
what does a nissan altima look like after a semi kisses its tail?

nicole richies ass got lipo.

shhhiittttt. atleast it was a fencing company and it wasn't my fault.
14 September 2006 @ 03:23 am
i knew these emotions were for a reason....

dont ask. cause i dont think i will talk..?

off to read Life Of Pi. ohhh boring.
02 September 2006 @ 11:14 pm
Updates for 8/2/06

*Hannah Montana is such a good showwwww.
*I want to go to Vegas for my birthday and see the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show...
*I got the job at the tanning salon and its awesome
*Our engagement party was... interesting. overwhelming to say the least
*I'm getting married in 9 months.
*I got Apple & Strawberry wine.. its kinda weird. but should be better cold.

Is this Billy Ray Cyrus? seriously?!
05 August 2006 @ 06:02 am
long time no post...

*i am unemployed, except for ole faithful (wet seal).
*i got turned down for a job at a tanning salon
*my engagement party in the 26th, you should go.
*my 21st birthday is in 68 days. i have started the prep work.
*i am getting married in 301 days. dont laugh. i am serious. almost half way through the count down.
*i only sleep during sunllight hours now. time now: 6:04am.
*when i lay down, my collarbone sticks out and i like it.
*peanut butter lives in the bathtub now and runs backwards on his wheel.
*dexter can talk.
*i have to work in 6 hours and i want ice cream for breakfast.

i miss my friends.
06 July 2006 @ 12:36 am
wow stressful day. i need to go to bed soon.

but word to the wise. i never listened to people when they told me this, but PLEASE *keep your dogs away from chocolate*!!!

my yorkie almost died today. the only thing that saved him, is that he's a fatass and 4 pounds overweight. hence him not eating chocolate anymore... buck is still feeling a little wobbly, but they get better by the hour.

long stressful day, shortend: the dogs got a unopened 12ish ounce bag of semi-sweet chocolate morsels. i don't know who had more, but we think it was andy, judging by what came back up. i promptly took him to the puppy dog ER, not thinking about buck, cause he's a horse and nothing bothers him. $120 and 2 hours later, Ryan brings andy home, only to find a sick little buckaroo. so off to the puppy dog ER for buck where he got poked, prodded and pulled on. $140 and 2 hours later, i am home, the carpet is scrubbed, the house smells like vomit (not from the vomit, but from the CLEANER. gag) and the babies are sleeping.

2 of my 3 lifelines could of died today. and i dont know what i think about that.
16 June 2006 @ 02:41 am

what happend to that? ^.

i still can't sleep. thanks.
08 June 2006 @ 10:44 pm
sometimes its so dissapointing.
25 May 2006 @ 12:32 am
um hmm thats right uh huh uh huh
um hmm thats right uh huh uh huh

walking down the street
something caught my eye
a growing epidemic that really ain't fly
a middle aged lady
i gotta be blunt
her spandex biker shorts were creepin up the front

I could see her uterus her pants were too tight
She must've owned panties that were not in sight
She walked right by the poor woman didn't know
She had a frontal wedgie a Camel Toe

um hmm thats right uh huh
oh no
fix yourself girl
you got a
Camel Toe
um hmm thats right uh huh
oh no
fix yourself girl
you got a
Camel Toe

girl thats gotta hurt
take some time and adjust can't you see people staring
and making a fuss
could not believe my eyes had to take a second glance
is your crotch hungry girl
cause its eating your pants
do you enjoy the comotion and attenetion it brings
the only lips i wanna see are the ones that sing
in public putting on an x rated show grossin people out
with your Camel Toe

[Repeat Chorus]

first day of spring and by the looks of things these girls have forgot how to dress
a little quick to wearin
wearin pum pum shorts
and its causin me much distress
whoomp there it is
yeha right in the front
everybody come and get a good look
i can see everything through the panty cling every cranny
and every nook
you better take a quick minute
before you step outside
and check the area thats pubic
or you'll get your panties all up in a bunch all twisted up
like rubic
take these words of advice
cause its not very nice
i wanna put you al in the know
girls don't sleep
don't let your pants creep
watch out for
The Camel Toe
10 May 2006 @ 01:18 am
highlights of 5/9/06:

*work was fun.
*bought a dress for kaley's wedding.
*got cute earrings and belly ring.
*took my last final.
*had a GREAT dress rehearsal for the fashion show.
*found a cocaine covered $20 in the hillside parking lot
*got pizza with said money
*love callie's new room
*put cute collage on the wall
*got inspiration to clean room
*gained 15 pounds and none of my clothes fit anymore.

you wish the crack covered money was a lie, but its totally serious, you can't make that up. and yeah, i'm super fat and my pants don't fit anymore.